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Duties Of Agents And Brokers

Are you aware of the legal duties of your insurance agents or brokers?

Insurance Agents Duties

Your insurance agent has to perform the following duties on your behalf:
  • When you notify your agent or broker that you or your business acquired a new vehicle he or she may be liable for failure to advise you that the vehicle may not be covered by your insurance
  • Your broker may be personally liable for failing to recognize and correct gaps between your primary and excess policies.
  • Your broker has a duty to call your attention to any clauses in claims made policies if you give notice of a potential claim occurring during the policy period.
  • Your agent or broker has a special duty to respond to your inquires regarding sufficiency of insurance coverage.
  • Your agent or broker is liable to you if he or she misrepresents the nature, extent or scope of coverage, especially if he or she held themselves out to you as having expertise in the type of insurance you are seeking.
  • Your agent or broker may be liable to you or your business for failure to advise you about cancellation or renewal of policies except where non-payment of premium is involved.
  • Your agent or broker may be liable to you or your business for failure to obtain coverage requested by you.
  • Your agent or broker has a duty to investigate a non-admitted insurers financial strength before recommending placement of insurance with that insurer.

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Contact your insurance attorney, business attorney or risk manager if you believe your agent or broker breached any of these duties.

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