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About Us

Business Law is a very important part of owning a business. Whether you currently own a business or are looking to invest in business ownership, you should always have a lawyer that is experienced in business law to help you out with all of your needs. At our firm, we serve clients in the Long Beach, Anaheim, Cerritos, Seal Beach and Irvine areas with all types of legal needs related to business and corporate law issues and regulations.

    • Orange County Business Attorneys - Business & Corporate Law Services

  • There are many aspects of Business Law that are important for you to know and understand as a business owner. By working with me, you will have your legal matters taken care of promptly and professionally so that you can focus on running your business and keeping your customers happy. The areas that I can offer you advise and assistance include:
      • Business Incorporation
      • LLC Formation
      • Business Litigation Support
      • Contract Preparation and Review
      • Business Compliance
      • Insurance Reviews
      • Risk Management Reviews
      • Partnership Legal Matters
    • Insurance is another essential element of your business, and at your option, I will act as your Risk Management Attorney to ensure that you have the proper coverage types and the right amount of insurance based on the size and type of business that you own. Being uninsured or underinsured can cost your business a lot of money and legal complications.
    • At the Law Offices of Lawrence H. Nemirow, our goal is be your Los Angeles County business law attorney or your Orange County business law attorney to provide you with the legal representation and protection that you deserve.
    • If you are interested in my services, or have any questions or concerns about your business or business Law, feel free to call me at 562-799-1379 or email me at