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What Does An Estate Planning Attorney Do?

An estate planning attorney doesn’t only help assist with a testament and last will. They also specialize in estate planning, where they help create living trusts and make a plan to avoid estate taxes. Estate planning lawyers will also be able to assist in developing powers of attorney as well as health care directives, in which they will arrange for another person to handle your case if there is an incident where one becomes mentally incapacitated. This will allow the attorney to have a backup plan in regards to their client’s affairs. With years of legal experience, an attorney will know how to counsel their clients with setting up and preparing their affairs in case of an eventual death.

Your Estate Planning Attorney Should…

  • Be someone who has shown complete devotion to their practice of this area of the law
  • Feel comfortable with the intimate details pertaining to your life so the both of you  can meet and succeed the expectations of your plans
  • Be up to date on your states current laws.
    • Make sure your attorney has not been keeping up with the appropriate knowledge. If not, then the court can see your estate plan as invalid.

There’s a High Price

Don’t be alarmed. However, you will be paying a much higher price than usual when it comes to this area of legal counsel. Remember that you’re paying for the knowledge that your lawyer has & all the skills they’ve gained over the years. If you work with an attorney with limited experience in estate planning, you can plan on them selling you a revocable living trust only.

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Be sure to take your time when finding a credible estate planning attorney. Take time to explore our services and stop by so we can see what benefits you the most.

Why You Need An Estate Plan

There are many reasons as to why you should get a head start with creating an estate plan with your attorney. Below are the top reasons why we think you should get one. When planning through the Law Offices of Lawrence H. Nemirow, you’ll be assisted in the best way possible.  

Having an Estate Plan to Protect Your Beneficiaries

  Typically, one’s goal is to protect minor children, and protect adults in their lives from negative influences, negative decisions, and negative future possible scenarios such as divorces and credit problems. When it comes to minor children, in all states, there are laws that necessitate a guardian to watch over their needs as well as their finances until they turn the legal age of 18. Depending on the state, the legal age may be 21. Now if the beneficiary is legally an adult and has shown no responsibility when it comes to managing money, or has a significant other that will consume the beneficiaries money, then a separate estate plan can be made to protect them, as well as others.  

Avoiding Probate 

  Many start looking for an estate planning attorney to avoid probate. Probate is a long process of creating and authenticating one’s last will and testament. There are many stories told by friends, family, and acquaintances where the probate process has left them feeling uneasy.    

Avoiding Trouble

  Usually, people start realizing they need to start making plans with an estate planning attorney when they see someone they are close to going through an experience that was seen as wasteful in terms of time and money all due to one’s failure to create an estate plan.  

Protecting Assets From Creditors

  More than just wanting to avoid stress, many have chosen to seek advice from an estate planning attorney to protect their assets from unseen creditors. It’s important to have a plan for protection right away, because once a lawsuit is around the corner, unfortunately at that point, it’s already too late. In order to be prepared, a client and their attorney should come up with a couple estate plans that will financially benefit the client during their lifetime, and their beneficiaries after the client’s death.  

Minimize Estate Taxes

  What drives people to get estate plans put in place are due to the loss of an estate because of payment of state/federal or inheritance taxes. There are basic steps married couples can do to minimize or even get rid of estate taxes. In order to do so, specific trusts would need to be created as part of their revocable living trusts. Essentially with advanced techniques from an attorney, it is possible to have the estate or inheritance tax completely go away.
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Estate Family Battles

No matter how close the family, money problems of a family member could upset an entire estate plan. For example, the Settlor wants to leave the remainder of the estate to her children to be divided equally upon her death. However, one of the children during the Settlor’s lifetime runs into financial difficulties. The child turns to the only source he or she can think of to get out of the jam, the Settlor. In most cases the Settlor is elderly, loves the children equally, but the Settlor does not have the heart to tell this needy child no. Creative trust drafting can solve this problem. For example, the trust can be written to provide loans to a beneficiary who needs the money now, versus later. The trust can provide for either a no interest payback or early distribution if the estate funds are sufficient.

Orange County Trust Attorney

If you are concerned about this type of problem, or if you have other concerns, contact the Law Offices of Lawrence H. Nemirow at 562-799-1379 or visit our website or contact your local trust attorney. It is always better to anticipate and minimize future problems now to avoid a family battles in the future.
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Estate Planning and Long Term Care

Did You Know: People reaching the age 65 have an average life expectancy of an additional 18.5 years (19.8 years for females and 16.8 years for males)? The population 65 and over will increase from 35 million in 2000 to 40 million in 2010 (a 15% increase) and then to 55 million in 2020 (a 36% increase for that decade)? About 60 percent of individuals over age 65 will require at lease some type of long-term care services during their lifetime? Medicare, the federal health insurance program for those over 65+, paid only 13% of U.S. long-term care bills in 2002.? A nursing home costs between $60,000 and $80,000 per year? (national average for a private room is approximately $70,000 per year) From 1990 to 1995, nursing home costs rose 6.25% a year? A government study forecasts that home-health care and nursing home costs will rise 5.8% per year through 2020. 37% of all persons in need of nursing home care are 64 years of age and younger? Nearly three in ten (28%) adults are saying they are “very” worried that they won’t be able to pay for nursing home and home care services? Nearly one-third (32%) of people without long term care insurance say it’s just something they’ve thought about? 44.4 million caregivers (or one out of every five households) are involved in caregiving to persons aged 18 or over?

Estate Planning Attorney in Los Alamitos

As an Estate Planning Attorney located in Los Alamitos, California servicing Orange County and Los Angeles County I try to ensure that I inform my clients of the need for long term care planning either in their Trusts or Wills, or through the purchase of insurance.

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For contact information, see my website at www.nemlawyer.com or call me at 562-799-1379. Many think Medicare pays for all long-term care needs for the elderly: in fact, its nursing home coverage is limited mainly to short-term patients recovering from hospital stays.
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Understanding Probate Law in Orange County

Probate law can be very confusing. I often get calls from clients or potential clients asking when a probate attorney is necessary.

Understanding Probate Law

The best way to avoid probate is to have your affairs in order prior to death. While it can be a very unpleasant thing to think about, not addressing the issue can create problems down the road for family and loved ones. Talking to an estate planning attorney and having these issues handled before something happens is always the best practice. When probate is needed it can be very confusing so I have decided to address the issue with an article which you can find on our website. I am also happy to address any questions you might have over the phone. Give me a call at 562-799-1379.


An estate plan is designed to conserve your assets and to develop a strategy for distributing your assets according to your wishes at your death. The estate planning tools include wills, trusts, gifts, life insurance and joint ownership of property. Without an estate plan, someone else will decide what happens to your assets. More likely than not, your assets will be distributed by the probate court according to your states laws regarding intestate succession. The Law Offices of Lawrence H. Nemirow, PC is prepared to assist you with your estate planning questions and provide you with recommendations as to the estate plan that best meets with your needs.

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