Frequently Asked Insurance Law Questions

Many of you might have questions about insurance law and whether or not you have a valid insurance claim that is being neglected by the insurance carriers. Below are frequently asked insurance law questions with regards to clarifying misconceptions.

When do I need to hire an Insurance Lawyer?

The purpose of insurance is to take care of things when there is an emergency or claim filed for the various assets (including your personal health) that you have. The whole point of paying your insurance on time and in full is so that you’ll have that coverage in the event that you experience a loss of any kind. At the Law Offices of Lawrence H. Nemirow, our job begins when insurance companies deny or reduce your claim, or refuse to defend you in your time of need. We will serve as your legal advocate so that you can resolve your bad faith claim in a timely and professional manner and get the insurance coverage that you’re paying for. Whether you have a car accident, a health emergency, or a home insurance claim that is filed and denied or reduced for no obvious reason, you need to find an insurance lawyer that can help you to fight the injustice of the insurance company. If your policy actually states that a certain event or occurrence won’t be covered, you do not need to hire an insurance lawyer. However, if you have a loss that is clearly covered by your insurance policy, or a loss that you are questionable about, you need to contact an insurance lawyer immediately so that you can get the money and insurance benefits that you deserve, regardless of what took place. Our job as your insurance attorney is to make sure that you are treated fairly and given the due compensation that you deserve when you have an insurance claim and the insurer refuses to pay. We strive to offer professional service and personalized solutions for each individual client, and we aren’t a settlement mill like some companies. We will work with you directly to resolve your specific situation and get you the insurance benefits that you are paying for. When a seemingly good insurance company goes bad, our firm is there to protect you and help you in your time of need.

If I have a loss between the time my policy is cancelled and the time my policy is reinstated, will I have coverage for the loss?

In most cases there would be no coverage. Normally, prior to reinstatement your insurer will require you to sign a statement that there is no known or pending losses at the time you request the reinstatement. In the matter of The Travelers Indemnity Co. v. Bronsink 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 119288 [] (W.D.Wash., December 22, 2009) that Court held that later reinstatement of insurance policy does not trump prior policy release. The defendant’s building was destroyed by fire after he canceled his insurance policy, but before it was reinstated. The court held that the insurer was not responsible for the loss because the written, signed Policy Release contained express unambiguous language stating that no claims would be made against the insurer after the cancellation date. Moral of the story. Make sure you have no losses, either actual or pending, before you cancel an insurance policy or let it lapse.

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