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Getting older can be a great part of life. Accumulating years of life experiences means enjoying the best part, such as spending time with friends and family. It also means achieving milestones throughout various stages of life. Nevertheless, getting older comes with challenges on the financial and healthcare front. That is why planning ahead is crucial to living a comfortable life during retirement years.  

At the Law Office of Lawrence H. Nemirow PC, I specialize in helping older Americans carry out end-of-planning and help family members who need legal direction in Los Alamitos, California, and Los Angeles County. I have the compassionate legal guidance your family needs when navigating challenging decisions in estate planning. Also, I serve people in Orange County, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Cerritos, Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Long Beach, California.

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What Is Elder Law in California? 

According to data, California’s population over age 60 will increase 166 percent during the time from 2010 to 2060.  

These figures show how California’s population is aging and will continue to age with time. Therefore, elder law has become increasingly important in addressing California’s older citizens.  

When people ask me about elder law, I define it as the legal field that specializes in providing older citizens with the rights and protections they need as they age. These rights and protections cover areas such as nursing home rights, access to long-term care of assisted living, estate planning, and healthcare support.  

Additionally, elder law involves areas pertaining to end-of-life arrangements such as medical treatment, advance directives, funeral arrangements, and burial or cremation plans.  

Elder law intends to help older folks and their family members get guidance on major life decisions. Please bear in mind that laws are in place to protect older people’s rights. So, understanding these laws is crucial. Working with an experienced elder law attorney can help take full advantage of legal protections, especially when older folks need long-term care or assisted living. 

Elder Law and Estate Planning 

Estate planning is a critical component of elder law. In essence, estate planning refers to asset protection and distribution decisions, healthcare directives, and end-of-life decisions.   

There are three key reasons why estate planning is important: 

Protecting Loved Ones 

Planning one’s estate protects loved ones by providing certainty. Planning ensures no one is left unprotected, especially when probate may leave some loved ones out. 

Decision-Making Power 

Estate planning allows folks to decide what they want to do, especially when they may become incapacitated for any reason. Advance planning allows folks to have a say in everything that happens right up to their final moments. 

Dictate End-Of-Life Decisions 

End-of-life decisions include Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders, how long to stay on life support, or which medical interventions are authorized. Additionally, funeral arrangements play a key role in end-of-life decisions. Above all, these decisions aim to protect loved ones from making extremely difficult decisions in addition to protecting their financial well-being.  

Getting professional advice from a trusted estate planning attorney is a major step in ensuring that loved ones are protected. An experienced attorney can guide folks throughout the estate planning process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Planning for Long-Term Care Issues 

Long-term care is a crucial part of elder law. Thus, it is important to outline how these situations may play out. 

Medicare and Medicaid 

Medicare and Medicaid benefits have helped millions of Americans. While these programs offer valuable support, they are often insufficient in covering long-term care needs. Therefore, planning for supplemental coverage is critical. In addition to health insurance, some people move funds into a trust. The trust can then be used to pay long-term care costs. 

Assisted Living Care and Rights 

Residing in an assisted living care facility is a key component of healthcare planning. In particular, planning for care in a nursing home or assisted living facility involves outlining how costs will be covered.  

Additionally, elder law focuses heavily on protecting nursing home rights. Older citizens and their families must consider retaining the services of a trusted elder law attorney to ensure proper attention and care are provided. Having legal counsel on standby can help address any potential abuse issues before they get out of hand. 

Conservatorship in California 

Unfortunately, there are situations in which older citizens cannot make decisions for themselves. Decision-making impairment may be due to incapacitation, terminal illness, or adverse effects stemming from medical interventions. As a result, older individuals must consider appointing a guardian in case of incapacitation.  

Please note that guardianship involves naming a trusted person, such as a family member or close friend. Additionally, an older citizen may name a trusted elder law attorney to represent them. Naming an attorney helps family members by relieving the decision-making burden during the most difficult times.  

Moreover, appointing a guardian or proxy ensures that an older citizen’s wishes, such as advance healthcare directives, are honored. 

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At the Law Offices of Lawrence H. Nemirow PC, I take protecting older people’s rights seriously. I strive to provide professional legal advice that ensures my clients retain their decision-making power. Call today to get the legal advice you deserve. Please remember, the best day to plan is today.