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Gavel and book reading Insurance LawShould you contact a lawyer to discuss your insurance claim? Small run-of-the-mill claims usually settle without trouble. But in cases where there's more at stake—for both you and the insurance company—there may be a higher chance for dispute. This could include:

Claims where you and the insurance adjuster don't agree early on Expensive or complex claims. Large claims, such as house damage after a fire, extensive water problem, or whether related
claims where the fault is hard to establish.

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If you have one of these claims, you're more likely to need legal help. “If you believe you have an insurance claim, it is always better to contact a lawyer before you speak with any insurance representative.

The Law Offices of Lawrence H. Nemirow will work with you from the moment you have a covered loss until your insurer pays you the full value of the policy you contracted for. And if your claim is denied, I will negotiate with your insurer on your behalf or litigate when necessary.